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Jun 2013
i reprise, i retrace,
i've got love for the chase,
your face when in place
that you've wanted to be,

i'm in space, i'm above,
i've got lives full of love,
and i'm choosing you with
all these words that i speak,

i can't lose, i could win,
i've got love that's within,
and i don't want to leave,
no i don't want to leave,

i've got you, i've got us,
i've got love more than lust,
i've got air that i breathe
and you, all i need.

i don't know, i can't go
through all this again,
i can't have you as friend,
when this turns into hate,

i won't fight but i might
keep this grip too tight,
fingers losing strength
such is fate,

i'll wish all the best
as heart sinks in chest,
i'll fail the test
and i'll show up late,

i'll have you, i'll have us,
i'll have all that and more,
until it falls to floor,
leaving empty space.

we dissect and we let
worst cases get the
best of us and
the rest of us,

and i know there are those
who hide within clothes
and feel like that they
can't adjust,

but if you take those fears,
dissolve them in years,
you'll find that they all fade,
they must,

so take chance on romance,
ignore all advance,
focus on now,
focus on trust.
Written by
   --- and Yolanda Smith
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