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Yolanda Smith Feb 2014
Just fleeting event,
A minute to be young
and committing reckless acts
of faith in each other

A mossy rosk in a romantic's wasteland
in the cave of thought and spring rain
backs turned to the world
and nothing but the sweetness
each other between us

Dauphine knows now.
He see of simple knot
with the compassion of one
who knows love

Now we dance this circle of us
with all the care and beauty
we can muster.
This was added to the recut of the S.E. Hinton film the Outsiders under the name Yolanda Williams or Caro Polhamus, but was actually quoted or written by my friend, Brian Williams.  We were talking about having a Rejection Awareness Day after a Valentine's Day dumping.

It's often attributed to Robert Frost, but was actually added to volumes printed after his death date.
Yolanda Smith Oct 2013
Would you let me?
Have a thousand years
to make ponderously slow love to you?

I'd just rather we hurry up and get on with it

Why not let me charm you
and make proper woo
to sweeten your heart to my liking?

I told you before, don't get weird or I'm charging you double

I'd like to search the bittersweet corners
of your mind and rewrite them so you realize how much i dearly love you

Whatever you like but I'm not wearing the image of your dead wife for less than a thousand

Would you let me stick a mike up your *** so I hear the throes of your passion
wh think o
*Understand it's not you, I'll be *thinking of

You should have used just a little more rouge and a tad less foundation here let me fix it
Oh dear the image fell apart, it seems that you are not the girl I came here to find

 Less foundation? Brick or grant?
You're not allowed back.  

Much love,

Madame's X's
Yolanda Smith Oct 2013
A sonnet of moonbeam,
a moonie for a son.
Hey Salkind and Salt, too!

Once young peeple gathered
we magicked the world
to shape a future out of the Cold

We demand no more curtains
No poppets, no straw men, no g-men
Mother nature's calling

She cries out daily
for her children
the moon, her star -the Sun

Earth magic and wishes alone
can no longer fill the breach
of promises too long forgotten

Let her rip,
like a lioness
Roaring at the injustice of her first ****
First draft from Peeps Lounge 1994/2014

Do you hear the lioness crying, lan?
Someone broke my heart.
Another took it and mended it.
The rest came and went.
One stayed but a way,
three on the tree returned,
they floundered, faltered,
fostered a founder,
Sun City subsidy turned her out.
Strutting strumpetry of virtual reality
for cost plus.

YJS 2004.  All Rights Reserved.
Yolanda Smith Oct 2013
Small changed,
Ball changed,
muppets dancing,
They're doing the ***!
This was once perceived as an order to ****.  
In my head, it's simply muppets dancing.
There's a polaroid photo, the filtre leaked.
And we were all dead.
The Vise Princess left for Dead.
Just another callous amusement.
The illusionist *speaks* through young women,
with broken hearts, fractured minds, and sutred wombs.
These words waltz to a rhythm older than ice.

                              The Mancius Wobbly Girls, 1986

Original drafting of this poem can be found in the Dallas Times Herald Archives under Yolanda Smith & M. Elizabeth Bond
Yolanda Smith Jul 2013
Breeze works it's way
under the hairs on my skin
your touch limns
like a bit of current
to my bones.

It's time to decide
how to continue
for everyone to be
where they belong
with whom they belong.

We weave the tapestry of us.
Check in with your wisdom.
It might feel a bit foolish.
Fools we are.

It's time to for pride and joy to be
where it belongs
for the next turn of the wheel.
Let the eyes have it.

Hear me now in measured verse not.
Bread of Demeter's hearth leads you
to find your way to life's nectar
before I forget how to dance

The angry scent of a cast off woman
is an assault to the senses.

So hurry, love.
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