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Jun 2010
I am 21.
I am a female.
I am known as Kimmy
I like to shop
I like to smile and talk to strangers

I prefer to pick flowers than to pick fights
I forget things such as names and numbers dates and my car keys
I like to dance
I believe in angels and heaven
I like to live with no regret
I believe life is short and sweet
Living Uptight and Unhappy is not my style

I Prefer to live day to day
as hard as that might be
for iF i had it my way id like to fastforward my life
just to see where ill be

I love few trust not that many
yet have my reasons
I have a terrible relationship with my family
I have learned HOW not to be
thanks to my parents
I lived a life of much tension/pain/frusteration/abandonment/love/hate/negativity/and lonliness
from all of it despite it all
i would not change a thing

i am kimmy
as unsure as I feel
I know ill figure it out

I rise above the negativity
live for the moment
learn from every mistake made
apologize for my wrong doings and than some-
know right from wrong
and am overly free spirited

If I died tomorow.
I hope to rise above my uncertainty
and into the security of knowing exactly who I am and who I WAS
given the will to live and the drive to understand life for how it is intended

I am hoping to make this self discovery sooner than later.
Written by
   D Conors
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