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Aug 2020
Yeah this is my life

Its kinda ****** tho

I just need a girl by my side, someone too hold all day and all night, i just wanna ride or die, no more or im out my mind, no more imma walk outside, no more or imma leave goodbye.

Im done with the ******* around, i need a ***** more solid then ground, i need a ***** who don't give a ****, and i need a break from all that is fake, ill give it a shake, your the icing on cake, well mine, thats fine, i hope, your kind.
Well That can be taken in 2 ways, either **** or a golden glaze, i just hope this is a decent maze, i just hope your a great chase, might just need your number incase.

Hey, look, listen, shh, your, looking, pretty, grr,
Hey, you, gorgeous, girl, im, feenin, you aswell,

And I don't mean too be rude, maybe i seem a tad loose, im feenin a few, I'm looking at you, ill sneeze, Just say bless you, im blessed by an angel, I need too be thankful, im out for unfaithful, ill fight for my tranquil.

Ive been ****** around since i was a kid, Mentally and physically im sick of the ****, uncertainty is a crime, and pain is the time,
Unfaithful brings doubt, and i dont wanna shout, but if that be about, **** it im out!

Look i don't think that im perfect, im far from deserving, my thoughts are beserk, but your presence gives me feeling of hurt cuz I'm not in your shirt, give me that perk, im far from a ****, i remember all the lessons ive leaned, so lets read the same book for a turn,

Im changing,
Even though every day i wake up im still blazing,
Going through this **** yeah i think im changing,
This is my life but im still hating.
I'm back, I disappeared for a while... A long time, I've been dealing with stuff and I need to start getting back in here to keep myself healthy 😅😂😅😂
Kaleb Webb-Wheeler
Written by
Kaleb Webb-Wheeler  Adelaide
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