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Jul 2020
There’s supposedly 5 love languages recognized world wide by different relationships.

Some melt with a touch, while some are appreciated by gifts, others enjoy splurging time, some are sprinkled with affirmations, and some are indulged by acts of service.

All these love languages play the role in making sure that love is properly articulated to the understanding of the recipient.

Many are paired with someone who expresses love differently yet they still make it work.

Could it be that opposites don’t attract but similarities do?

I’m yet to see a person stand for a love they do not understand. Better yet, I’m yet to see someone receive a love they can’t reciprocate.

A language is only understood by those who speak it. Often, communication is compromised when love is not the language you have in common.

Repetition doesn’t always provoke understanding. When I constantly tell you that I love you and you don’t get it or when I show you love through the denomination of a physical touch to translate my feelings and you don’t get it - it makes me feel that we’re of two different people, not meant to be more than strangers.

I translate love to touch
A touch isn’t always automatic
A touch requires cognizance
A touch is intentional
Physical touch is where I thrive because it’s intentional
Intentionalism is the tip of an iceberg

The process to intentionalism is built up with a train of thoughts and a ocean of feelings
It’s hard to intentionally touch someone who you don’t love

It’s hard to feel comfortable with extending a motion of physicality in a direction of another human being who you expect to respond warmly to your touch
Or to respond with understanding
Understanding and tracing the purpose of the touch
A touch that is translated to a love
Your love
Our love

I guess my love language could be sign language because it’s literal
My hands have signed your skin almost like you’re a canvas of graffiti
You look like love
You are love
My Love
Love Languages
Ntsika H
Written by
Ntsika H  South Africa
(South Africa)   
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