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Jun 2020
Ah, if only I was beautiful she sighed in front of her mirror as their condescending voices echoed in her head,
a tear escaped her eye,
A woman so established in her being, torn down to her naked form,
What was being beautiful her intelligent mind questioned?

I, who have made you into a strong dependent woman, ain't that beautiful?
I have given you the ability to stand tall among the most capable, isnt that beautiful?
Why is it after a century of evolution the definitions of beauty for a woman remain as hollow as the beholders misogynist mind?

Why, after a 100 years was black still ugly while a melanin deprived skin was revered,
But last time we checked the brain was still grey and white for all.
So what was it about colour that made her inferior to the rest?

The point being my love,
Its not your colour that's the problem,
It's your achievements that is,
People like to see you rise,
but ever above them,
So if your "external beauty" is the only string they can pull to bring you down,
Rest free love,
They were never above you anyway,
And that was beautiful.
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