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Jun 18
I will never forget the feelings inside of myself when my father told, and retold, the story of falling in love with my mother.
I must have asked him to retell his tale a million times in the 22 years I had to hear it.
So when I say I knew what he meant, it is because his words are embedded in my memory.
It is not often you come across the love of a lifetime. It is not often your soul pulls you to another.
The first day I met you I just looked up at the sky.
Every second of every day, since then, my soul has been fed.
You’re an angel sent from up above to guide me into the life of love i was meant to receive.
Daddy gave you to me.
God told him he had to intervene or I would end up not knowing what love really means.
“Bring your daughter this boy and watch her bloom, you’ll have no worries on earth once he enters the room.
There’s not falling in love required when a soulmate is placed in your path.
She’ll remember his face from lives in the passed.”
After you entered my life, things became clear. there was no clouds in my sky, nothing left to fear.
My father always told me, you’ll know when it’s right.
I saw you, and I knew he was showing me my light.
Written by
   BR Dragos
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