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Jun 2020
it’s been two years and i still
feel your tongue down my throat.  

were you not as drunk as you let on?
you seemed coherent when you told me it wasn’t cheating to kiss you.

i didn’t kiss you.
you held me to the bed.

i was wine drunk and tired (and helpless)
and in a relationship (which you knew about).

you kissed me and kissed me
and put your tongue in my mouth.

i don’t remember for how long.
maybe minutes. maybe hours.

i tried to say something. to push you off.
but you were a friend.

you were a friend and i was staying at your place.
so it wasn’t assault, right? it was accidental?

it wasn’t accidental when you kissed me
after i told you to stop.

most days i’m okay.
most days except june the second.

most days except when someone kisses me.
it only ever reminds me of you.
a vent piece. anniversaries are always hard.
Written by
mikah  16/Non-binary
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