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Jun 2020
When I looked at her for the first time.
I lost in deep and deep thought
Oh then hypothetical stories I made in mind.
That went whole pale night in sought.

Oh god I pray thee,
Once you pass her in my lane to see.

Oh the prayer was accepted, she appears.
Bewildering I hopped like a kangaroo in rear.

I gladly glanced in the galaxy of glee.
Her adorably grin then made me free.

Then we flew high in the air like a cloud.
Relishing the test of togetherness with proud.

I used to make her laugh everyday,
But alas she abruptly Relinquished me one day.

From then days and nights became motionless,
Seas, oceans, rivers, streams, brook mountain seemed faded,
Sky,  Stars, sun, moon, all heavenly bodies appeared emotionless.
But oh all the impalpable gripe that was I laded.

From dusk to dawn I used to trace her everywhere,
Not her a single Notch i could find anywhere.

Hurrah! Haphazardly I met her after half a decade,
She eloquently explained me the seclusion she made.

Now When I looked at her for the last time,
I lost in deep and deep decision,
For the seclusion there was a reason.

                           ~~~Dharmendra Yadav
Dharmendra Yadav
Written by
Dharmendra Yadav  27/M/Deoria, Uttar Pradesh,
(27/M/Deoria, Uttar Pradesh,)   
     JaxSpade, --- and Kelsey Banerjee
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