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May 2020
My dear I know it should be clear,
but I fear to tread and tarry here,
because your madness is so appealing.

eyes of passion blue,
that burn with the ill-intent
of what you plan to do,

the furies you will harness
going from seriously harmless
to sinister in seconds.

Yet, red wet lips are made for stealing
the warm affections that Iā€™m withholding,
withdrawing deposits, I should be saving
for another worthy lover,

but your disposition is enslaving,
ensnaring me in in your insanity
as if it was a bear trap.
I can feel my bones snap
as my will collapses.
So, I lay back
to submit to
what you will do.

Until, you leave me dying
and drying
from an unquenched thirst
and a deep hue of blue
that hurts worse
then the pain you caused
while you were here.
Written by
Graff1980  43/M/Springfield Illinois
(43/M/Springfield Illinois)   
     Graff1980 and ---
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