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Jun 2010
You… yes you.
(You know who I’m talking about)
I’m looking at you and you’re not even here

(You’re In my head and I don’t plan on letting you out)

{You’re in my heart and settling in}

(warm skin, I’ll keep you warm when all warmth departs)

It’s nice and cosy in here… you may as well take off all your clothes.
I suppose that’s a little bit forward;
Then again
Why would step backward when the future looks so bright?

With that crazy
Sexed up gaze you get in your
Café latte
Chocolate-brown eyes.
I have it locked inside my head
I’m holding it trapped;
A fortuitous hostage,
Within the once cold steel bars of my heart
It’s not so cold in there anymore
With your smile
Warming me from the core.

(I want more and more and more).

Does that make me needy?
A glutton for your lust?
A safe keeper for your trust?

Take my hand and walk a while
We can smile
For every mile
We tread together
Like nautical rope
I will tether you to your happiness.
I will bind you to your joy.

I could write of you until I ran out of keys
Until I ran out of pen and paper
Until the light leaves the sky
I cannot deny
The infatuation
That is stalking my mind.

Your voice
With its rich and sultry depths
Your music
With it’s unkempt passion
Girls like you
With your unquestionably
Infectious desire
Will never go out of fashion.

From now on when I think of awesomeness
I’ll always think of you.
From now on when I think of blood rush
Passion and lust
I will inevitably think of you
With that crazy
**** me baby
Look in your eyes.
Written by
Jacqe Booth
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