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Jun 2010
If you was to try to count all the wishes that were made
It would drive you completely insane.
Ninety nine percent of wishes do not come true
So turn to prayer is what we have to do.
Wishes are taught to children, as they are growing up
The wishes that they would make in a day would fill a coffee cup.
The story and song “ when you wish upon a star”
Is the greatest story by far.

People will tend to say “ I wish I had a better life”
“I wish I had a beautiful wife”
“I wish I had a better job”.
All these wishes will not come true
Until you make it happen for you.
And it will happen when you pray
And set Your goals day by day.

We can control  the things in our lives
And make everything turn out right.
With perseverance in our heart
And a loved one by your side
There is not a mountain that you can’t climb.

So leave the wishes to the kids
For this is the way that they live.

They must follow dreams that are
Shown to them through the stories
That they read,
and all they see on TV.
louis rams
Written by
louis rams  florida
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