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Apr 20
If you can't accept yourself,
If you don't like what you are..
For You, I will..

If you hate being like that,
If you can't stand for who you are..
For You, I will..

If you're feeling weak, and
in need of strength
If you doubt yourself and
see no end..
For You, I will..

If you are feeling lonely, and
need someone to be with,
If you are in a dark place and needs to turn on the lights switch..
For You, I will..

Because You are my necessity, You are my bond..
You are also my strength, my love that fonds..

You are my Will..
And YOU Will always drive me crazy..
I love you so much.. no words, no poem, no perfect sentence or perfect description can ever tell you how much I Ioved you since day 1.

Because when you are weak,
I too get weak..
When you feel pain,
I too feel your pain.

So with every beat of your heart..
With every breath that you breathe..
With every pump of your lungs..
If you cannot love yourself,
For You Baby..
For You, I myself Will..
Acceptance is a great thing to give to someone you love so dearly.
Accept him/her for who he/she is.
Harriz Sierra
Written by
Harriz Sierra  19/M/Philippines
     Holly D and BR Dragos
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