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Apr 2020
You: I can't anymore. I can't take this. What's even the point??

But you will live..., right? your breathing. your heart is beating. you love. you hate. you cry. you smile. you get angry and *******. you act like a human. and your alive...right?

so why, after all these years, after nine months of your mom's hard work, after your parent's taking your crap and spoiled *** for so long... why end it?

the day you started walking... you made a promise. that you'll forever run. never to stop.

no matter what. until the marathon finishes. it's not your job to end this path... it's when the path ends.. it ends. it's when the bridge ends, it ends.

it's not your responsibility to jump off the bridge. your job is to keep walking, keep running. even if your feet step on sharp glass...

you'll soon walk on gardens. of course, there will be painful thuds, hard rocks that you will have to carry your body on... but you never stop.

because there will be flowers under you hurt toes soon. and the wounds will heal. and again. there will be glass poking at your flesh. except again, there will be a garden that will heal your cuts.

and that my love is how our lives work. through bad and through good, the day your little cute body started walking, you are bound to never give up.

So don’t tell me you can’t do this anymore. There is a garden coming. No matter how hard this part of the path is...the beauty will unfold. Be patient. Wait.

even years. Just wait... And you’ll see that it really does get better, happier, and it will be incredible.

Don’t tell me you're going through worse than I ever went through. Don’t say I don’t understand. Because I am walking on this path too. When I first started walking on, it was the day I was born. It’s called life. Only one path, one life. And me, you, us, everyone, will walk and walk and walk till the very end.

Until it ends..not when you end it. So do not ever end this path. Do not ever end your life...
Written by
Vianne  19/F
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