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Mar 2020
Dear lover,
I know this is trash,
Just like the notes I've written and you tore,
Just like the letters I send and you trample,
Like the texts I leave and you chuckle,
Baby I know, I wasn't the best lover,
I thought grass was greener,
But did I leave?No, not a step away,
And when you were miles away,
I always chose to hang on a little longer,
Unawares I was signaled to go,
But painfully longing to abide,
And when I tried to shun the turn,
You said I was strong and I could take it.

Baby you don't know how much I curse,
Baby you don't know how much I soak in the dark,
Baby you don't know how broken my pieces are,
Baby you don't know what I've had to go through,
Baby, how you'd hurt me but I'd forgive you every second,
But Baby, you wouldn't want to forgive me too,
And baby I know, you wouldn't want to listen, if I called to say.

Baby I know I'm not Mona Lisa with the prettiest smile,
Baby I know, I'm not the Pope with the cleanest hands,
Baby I know, I don't have the Nightcore eyes and voice,
Baby I know, you'd cast me aside and choose me last,
But baby, can I be your baby if I grow a little more prettier?
But baby could you forgive me, if I had more chubbier cheeks?
And Baby, how if I had a Cinderella body?
But baby, now I know, you'll trash me like forever,
Baby I know, you might tear this like my heart,
Baby I know, the blood and tears sticked together in this page...
Baby I heard, they're conspiring to carry me far and so away,
Baby I know, you'll find this after I'm gone and all lost,
But Baby I know, you might find some letters faded like I,
And baby you might wanna trash it again.
Written by
Kirah  19/F/Kenya
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