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May 2013
The multi-story carpark
was an urban tower
for adolescent escapism.
Despite how that sounds,
The feelings of those times
couldn't be more pronounced.

Hoods up,
Huddled in groups,
Cheap noise blaring
out fuzzy tunes.
We'd mosh to it nonetheless,
Our reverence unsaid.

Winter months' wet weather
brought more to our shelter,
We'd skate, paint and
be anti-social together.

Often we'd engage ourselves
with illicit activities,
Our multi-story temple to
forsaken adolescent divinity:
Drinking, smoking,
stealing and ***;
Party for free,
Plan the next.

Our weekends were spent
surrounded by concrete,
We'd hide from our problems
where only we could find us.

One night on the top
at nine o' clock,
A chorus of ringing
church-bells knocked;
I held the girl close as we looked upon the city,
Skystruck teens getting dizzy.

No escape from cherished memories,
Can't run from it,
**** me melancholy.
Nostalgic ache
is a beatific bane.
Good times are never in vain.
Mydriasis Aletheia
Written by
Mydriasis Aletheia  25/Other/The Empyrean
(25/Other/The Empyrean)   
   Ollie Godsson and Gary Muir
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