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Feb 2020
There are two ways: logic and feeling. Feeling is not logical, and logic has no feelings, yet together they make the perfect marriage.

Logic is linear and sequential, like the lines of a book, with the words in sequence. Western books are written in the phonetic alphabet of the Phoenicians, each letter has no meaning, yet we create meaning sequentially in lines, quite like the Roman army, which lasted 1,800 years in the Eastern and Western arms of the Empire.

And the Ancient Greek, Euclid, took the linear sequential phonetic alphabet of the Phoenicians and created logic, and today our mobile phones are programmed with logic.

Yet our mobile phones have no feelings. And just as we create our mobile phones, our mobile phones create us. And to be more specific, logic creates us. And logic creates us without feelings.

So to be logical we suppress our feelings, to simply function in a logical world, we hide our feelings away. Our feelings never get a chance to grow and mature, and remain immature all our lives.

The price we pay for logic is stunted feelings.

Yet there are green shoots, in meditation, in therapy, in reading alone, and falling in love.
Just as there are green shoots after the Bush fires, there are green shoots after the fire of logic over the last 3,000 years, since the Phoenicians.
Macho Mole
Written by
Macho Mole  M/Canberra. Australia
(M/Canberra. Australia)   
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