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May 2013
My hands are trembling, heartbeat almost tempted to stop.
I'm not strong enough to hear your screams.
But you're just clawing your way to the top.
Do you see me shake when you walk by?
The fear that strikes deep in my eyes?
The thought of you tortures me at night, I toss in turn in my dreams trying to put up a fight.
Your sinful essence covers the room.
Walking like you own it and everyone's been waiting for you.
Do you see me run? Do you see me hide?
I'm not the only one you're hurting, this is soulful suicide.
You can't bribe me, I know how you lie.
You can't save me, there's no redemption in your life.
I'm ******* dying as you sit and watch me cry!
Come back to who you were and everything will be alright.
Prove you're not crazy, put down your words like knives.
Authenticity, that you are truly humane.
Show me you remember only human souls have a name.
Scream yours to the wind, don't strike out one more time.
I swear your heart is empty, but maybe I'm not right.
This is your last chance, don't put up a fight.
You may have lost a daughter, but you can always save your life.

Father quickly follows, you choose more fate than your own.
Don't feed into the hate you seen, make a break it's do or die.
Brittany Jackson
Written by
Brittany Jackson  TX
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