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Jan 2020
Like most people, I see color.
I choose one to be my favorite.
I identify all objects through shade, tint and hue.

I witness darkness and lightness at their blurriest points.

I watch transparency succumb to these two worlds and let truth get lost in between.

In between worlds is where many find themselves.

Those who paint themselves gray, surrender to going unnoticed and convince themselves everyday that their scars will disappear if they stop looking.

These people are entitled to invisibility.
They wear it like a cloak or even a mask.
They adorn themselves in an attempt to stay hidden.

I too am lost between worlds.
Yet I don’t share a cloak of invisibility.
I wear intangibility as a piece of armor.

I am a soldier demanding my right to walk right through everything.
To feel nothing.
To go untouched but still seen.

I let others play the roles of bystanders watching me almost crash into conflict before passing through like a ghost.

I embody mystery and fate and death for my life is hiding somewhere in color.
I embody intangibility so I can glide through life and maybe access that color again.
Written by
IZ J  15/F/Everywhere
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