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Jan 29
The human soul and mind, trapped and tortured for years.
With every roll call facing death, with every roll call facing fears.

A swimming pool of lies, filled only with deceit.

A chamber hiding no secrets, filled with screams,scratches and screeches.

Empty basements laying dormant, concealing the history of all the torment.

Foundations built upon bodies, bricks and mortar.
Their prisoners, our innocents without food, human decency, warmth and water.

For those souls taken, to have met rotten decreation.
May you be remembered and never forgotten.
I wrote this short piece after a visit to Auschwitz which affected me deeply and changed my perspective on life. This is my first attempt at anything like this as I just needed to express my feelings in a way which commemorates the lives lost there. Thank you.
Written by
Callum McCormick
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