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Feb 2020
I've said before
That should it take doomsday
For me to finally meet you
Then so be it.

Just less than a year later,
The end began.
Meet we did,
And end my world did.

You gave me a new life
And a new world
In exchange for my old ones.

Amidst the dystopia this decade ushered in,
Where, indeed,
Beasts spoke as learned men,
Deceiving millions,
The tyranny of the few was being celebrated
By the gullible vocal,
And a new plague festered in the horizon,

I experienced renewal,
Shedding my old self in daily increments,
While the world burned
And the sky rained ash.

Heresies burned on the lips of boys
While your name burned on mine;
Stars died out in clusters every new moon
As I was divested of my layers.

With every kiss, every meal,
Every word spoken in love,
You pave the way
For my steps towards
The Age To Come.
Written by
Nevermore  Asia
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