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Jan 25
The year opened with two full days and nights of snow
Snow that fell through my mind and body
Pulling all over me a thick white blanket,
Hiding beneath snow just changed everything
The white was so pure
It swept over the grays
Those very grays of uncertainties,
Shadows hidden behind and
Shallow forgetfulness

Then the snow started melting
And the white started fading
Bearing everything hidden under,
The dirt, the adventures, the unheard sorrows
And the certainties painted as uncertainties
As the snow gave away, Shadows turned darker
Hidden ruins from beneath
Seeped up, shapeless and characterless

Some snow had stuck to the corners
Frozen, slippery and deceitful
As I kept walking
Those deceitful frozen snow
Called me out β€œHey! step on me,
I know you like getting fooled around”
I smiled and walked on,
You never got me right, my dear...
Kalesh Kurup
Written by
Kalesh Kurup  Kabul
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