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May 2013
Where did you leave me stranded?
Upon a vast blue bleak, desolate and empty carcass of a place.
I didn't know whose footsteps to follow, because none was written in the sand.
In all the desert, there was only a string, and slowly, I pulled and led myself out of there.
I am not quite out of this cold in the night, and my blankets are torn and full of holes,
where mysterious eyes can peek through.
Still a confusion of questions and unlikely answers are written on a piece of paper,
Put safely in a bottle, and thrown over the sea,
floating, floating, but will they ever go to you?
No, that's how I feel. Wanting to ask you why you've left me stranded,
With no directions, not even a star in the sky,
And yet, my screams are unheard through the cloudless desert,
this place is quite cold tonight. Just like how my hand feels because it has been some time since you held it.
The warmth has left and now, I'm feeling quite unsure, whether your hand was even there at all.
I see Sagittarius but the melting *** of my chest's cavity is just burning with an unfulfilled wish
If he could only shoot me right here and then. I am losing all directions,
I am jeopardizing my life.
I beg you, please answer,
why did you boil such a warm cup of English tea for me but throw me here, in this desert?
However I am feeling now, I am sure I have not learnt my mistake:
When I see you again, I shall hug you and kiss you on your wonderful cheek, hoping you may again
be warm.

for now, I still love you. (and am confused.)
Written by
SexySloth  Singapore
   st64 and Adreishka Luciano
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