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May 2010
(A Poem about ***/AIDS & how humanity has dealt with it since its mysterious onset-and the future too…)

The mystifying howl is still irksomely faint yet vividly heard,
Akin to orchestrated footsteps of the undetectable command
As the new twilight tries to light-down the “smoldering fire” beyond the horizon…
It’s just so violent and it has been destroying everyone
Generations “screaming too loud” and many fallen
It has been “too thunderous”-“too rowdy”: it has stolen
From humanity-the Joy to enlighten-a Truth to reign-
A divine right of our existence here-but this pain…
Through our deepest thoughts-and dreams gone
Because of the “Teardrops and caskets”-loosing our own
To this “brutal-fierce beast” who “eats” without remorse and direction-
Evading all “the hunter’s Traps” to pursue an exuberate mission….

Life gets risky sometimes!
Are we now left with “frozen wrists”?
Or do we continue laying “stronger bricks”?
To lay a universal foundation with hooks
That will keep us together like strong rocks-
Even though we’ve suffered from “shell-shocks”-

…Which has only answered mother-nature’s call to catch
Humanity twice as much-and wish thrice as such
For a better day-a bunch
Of signs to watch….  
Even though the “streams of tears” continue to drive
Mortals to an “invisible-penitentiary” without Love;
Perhaps one day-The “Light” will save
Us out of this awkward predicament-similar to a bee-hive

Through all this “fire and smoke”-when everyday is a test-
We can only control our mental-states: settle down and just set it straight,
Else this classical tale of “Loss-Vs-Triumph” will be a total waste-
Though some souls have learnt to take a second to “pump the brakes and wait”;
Will it be too late when they wake up-to let their “dreams-of triumph”….escalate-
Amidst so many trials and failures-making it hard to tolerate
An “Enemy” who attacks without warning-to even hate
On the most innocent “creation of nature”-an infant!
Though everybody dies-The “Dream of Triumph” is still straight…

Muhumuza Kenneth Ezra
   Pure LOVE
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