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Jan 21
There's a story to be told
One with hidden treasure and gold
All you need as the keys to receive
Are some patience and humility...

There was a foundation set in motion to walk upon
Broken by the chains of a destructive bond
An insecure one and a soul as black as soot
Both broken and bruised by the world's cold heavy boot.

Once in a time, the two had met, a week in and war was set
They both saw it coming
But only one intended to leave it with something.

Fallen they were when the smoke finally fled
Soul shattered, the insecure, nearly dead
The darkened one made way with the fallen heart
For to ****** away hearts was how this dark being was fed.

Could it have been avoided, yes
But hope and desperation was what set this fight into motion
Many nights and many days have passed
But the insecure one's mind is frantic with commotion

One day the insecure grew into a new self,
One so much stronger and abundant in mental wealth
A heart that could forgive such a tragedy,
On a search to willingly promote that dark soul's better health.

Wherever this tale may venture to,
Hopefully, it's somewhere good and healthy too,
For if it prospers so too will a reason to hope,
As a heart with some form of hope, it is a soul, in any state, that can cope.
Written by
EmperorMoth  20
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