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Dec 2019
They say time is money,
I say time is funny
We tend to be pretentious and walk with pride
Others aren't but proceed with modesty.
I admit the set up conforms with mitosis.
Inducing confusion by
Producing a fragment which is meant to be whole.
What occurs next is a continual episode
A rerun of what's
been done.
People seem to only focus on material matters and obtaining things. People only see what is visible to them in the physical world. Ie
money, car ,clothes. What about spritual growth, learning ourselves while we are growing through this journey called life. What have you learned about yourself spiritually? What do you think your purpose/ mission is? Have you accomplished them? Are you awakened to take on and achieve enlightenment?

People are lost and appear to be controlled by our external wants that we forget why we are here, living in this physical realm. There is so much more to attain then fancy cars, big house and ****** gratification.
Its finding our true essence.
Healing our wounds with self love and love for others despite our/their shortcomings.
Acknowledge that we are all here to grow and reach our higher selves.
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