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Nov 2019
[For this title, allow me to borrow from Kundera,
“Life is elsewhere” for many, here]

I have an app that shares latest news
All stories are about the numbers
Number of terrorists killed by Military
Number of bombs hurled by Terrorists
All fighting from life elsewhere and for life elsewhere
Military that came from elsewhere countries
Terrorists that came from elsewhere countries
They together made 'life elsewhere', for the locals

For the 4-year-old little girl
World is her 2-bedroom apartment
And views from the small peephole windows
She cannot stand in the balcony
For rockets launched by Terrorists aims only destruction
She cannot go down to the play ground
For Military encounters in streets do not sight a 4-year-old
Life must be elsewhere for her
In time and space, alike

A large number that surrendered
Many who came from faraway lands
Men and women came as men and women
Some turned slaves and some families
With kids borne in nowhere lands
They all came hoping for the life elsewhere
Now their hopes dashed, they will again wait
For life elsewhere, if not in jails

Hope is in the air,
Some say it is the best moment for peace
Let there be peace for life here and elsewhere
Kalesh Kurup
Written by
Kalesh Kurup  Kabul
       TheRaven, Traveler and BR Dragos
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