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Oct 2021
we have finally arrive
once citizen of a different country
sailed through water and sky
here to dwell in this land

upon arrival, we sort for life
while accustoming to change
like eyesight trying to focus in light
after being long in the dark

we worked the factories
with our hands bruised
our back bent and spent
embracing winter's frigid air
and summer's sweat

we held on the blue lifestyle
bounding it around our neck
like a diamond collar
fetching for a dream

we sort soloist in the change
holding on to the little that didn't change
reminding ourselves that we came here to make a change
after giving all away for a change

Now we are chanting back to this land
we, the very backbone with which she stands
our song filled with pride
of toil and lost
an overwhelming sacrifice

we sing as we fill upper ranks
taking on prestige professions
leading up the charts
we sing on and we climb
someone had asked why is it that the children of the immigrant are known to be more successful then the other kids
Written by
FlipThePoet  24/M/Toronto
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