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Nov 2019
I can feel the cold breeze on my arms
I can see all the odd ways the world behaves
I can't be wrong, the bird has left his nest
And today I can be

The way back was pretty long, I guess
And the road was lonesome at its best
Some came along, I can feel them here and there
And I should know
Where they went

Perhaps they went where all of them belong
A small house with windows in the sun
Some toys around, and laughter on the grass
A black hole where they smile and forget

Close your eyes, or did I just close mine
I can't get this picture off my mind
It's funny how, I can see through your eyes
Yet I can't hear you

All I hear is what's sung by the wind
I don't care if all the trees stand still
I hear beyond, that water we swim in
I don't believe the sun

I don't believe in things I can't touch
I don't reach for things my eyes can't meet
I don't know why, I just hear it a lot
It's written in
For good now

Oh it's good to be myself again
I'm in awe of what I could do now
The music's on, now everything makes sense
Just like it oughts to
Which way is back ?
Written by
Pointless Circle  26/M/France
     Fawn and BR Dragos
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