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Oct 2019
With each step, my roots spread through the ground
When our palms touch it's a feeling that I wish had no end

Do you hear that sound?
It's a melody; it is home saying,
"My darling, you have been found"

I arrive to you; greeted with open arms
As if I never left and always stuck around

The comfort of your warm golden silk sheets
The sound of your voice; nothing can compare

It's a lullaby like no other; peacefully I sleep while you sing to me underneath the stars

A place that holds me tight; each time gets harder to say goodbye
Yet reminding me every night
"My darling, everything will be alright. Please, don't cry"

No matter how far or how long we are apart I feel your love deep within my heart

"I give you the moon"
When I look at it I feel your essence

Hearing you whisper within the breeze
"Remember, I am always with you"

I see my dreams within each of your waves "You know I wish you could stay, I wouldn't want it any other way"

Back to reminiscing to the synchronized rhythm of our heartbeats

As we dance barefoot on the sand and our souls intertwine

At that very moment I knew, "I wish to never let go of you hand"
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