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Oct 2019
It was dark.
I was alone
my flame was put out
by my tears of heartbreak
and loneliness
and the wounds
that won't heal.

I was afraid.
I was afraid to open up
to people
for I made
too many mistakes
because I fell
in love.

Countless times
I fell to the ground
no one there
to pick me up
or help me heal.
No one there
to dry my tears
or whisper kind words
to my aching soul.

For love
and looking
and all the wrong places.
Getting used
and lied to
over and
over again.

A single speck
of light
came into my life
and serene.
Closer and closer
the speck became
another flame as dim as mine.

We stared
face to face
talking without sound
but understanding everything.
We stood far
but were as close
as the next breath.

He reached out
with his hand
and ever so gently
lifting my off my feet
and letting me soar.

He lit my flame again
with just a small spark.
This poem is really personal so hopefully it is good enough for the public eye haha.
Written by
Evelyn Hyde
     ---, MeanAileen and Harley Hucof
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