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Oct 2019
I wish there was something again
I wish there would be something new
I wish it wouldn't stay that way
But I don't remember if I care

I think I know where I'm going
But I'm not sure I remember
There's no reason to stay away
There's nothing to stay away from

And here I go rambling again
I seem to think that it would help
I don't know what I do again
Was anyone else living there ?

I'm so afraid of those who talk
Because I feel like I cannot
My words aren't the ones I thought
Their world isn't the one I'm in

And maybe we all kept writing
Just so we could talk to ourselves
While wild memories **** us off
The one who's left would maybe learn

And maybe he will not look back
He'll let us die just like we did
I could say that I am sorry
But I'm not sure I believe it

There's no reason to be sorry
Nothing in there I would preserve
Wouldn't show anyone on earth
Why would I show that to myself

Why did I show that to myself
What in the hell was I thinking
There's a thousand of other way
Yet there's the one I can think of

Is there at all logic in there ?
Am I the one bound to try this ?
I've been doing it everyday
Twenty more minutes gone away

Well maybe I won't sleep tonight
I feel I really don't want to
Me tomorrow won't remember
And all day long he'll have to learn

Maybe he'll find sleep in his night
Maybe he'll find the clue I missed
Or maybe he will delete this
He'll try to find out a new way

What is poetry anyway
Some people like to write novels
Because it's like a trip abroad
poetry's just stepping outside

Maybe it's better improvised
Maybe you can't chose what you do
Or did I chose so long ago
Twenty more minutes gone away

I'm just listening to some guy
Talking over the internet
About some pretty mystery
He makes such pretty videos

This is the third time I watch it
I have no idea what he said
I just wish there was something new
Twenty more minutes gone away

People read whatever they want
I'm only writing this for you
I can't pretend that I make sense
But that's something you always knew

Twenty more minutes gone away
I wish I'd have found something new
I've been looking everywhere now
You'll try again 'cause I know you

In two hours I have to walk
With people who know I can't sleep
And most of them are pretty nice
but there's nothing that they can do

Twenty more minute gone away
I haven't found anything new
The me I am today is tired
I am waiting for tomorrow's

I really should stop this thing now
Throw this down to the internet
To folks I know nothing about
I'm sure this is a good idea
By this point you should have fallen asleep
Written by
Pointless Circle  26/M/France
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