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Mar 2013
I'm picking up grey
   Running away
      We're leaving today
         As far as we can walk
            I'm picking up grey
               We're walking away
                   We can't stay no more
                      It hasn't been the same
                          You don't want this
                             Niether do I
                                We keep on with
                                    Every lie
                                       I'm picking up grey
                                           Moving away
                                              Taking my stuff
                                           Moving away
                                        Leavings not enough
                                     I'm picking up grey
                                  Try ro replace
                               The hole in my chest
                            This bittwr emptyness
                         I'm picking up grey
                     I need it to stay
                  I'm keeping it safe
               It's the only way

(B4 2009)
Written by
Goddess Tonya Medrano  michigan
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