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Sep 11
Declaration of Intent: Live Your Truth

1. Most things in life are just momentary, you take them as just that. Nothing more, nothing less

2. You will always be, what you try to forget. If you never truly accept this, then you always be running from something

3. I think therefore I am and my darkness thinks therefore it is. Neglecting one side doesn’t mean it’s not there

4. Pick your battles wisely, not every situation needs a “show of force”. Sometimes it’s okay to give and other times is okay to take. Learn to compromise

5. The will to keep going never truly leaves us. Against every odd, every obstacle, the mind body and spirit will always find a way adapt. You just have to be willing to seek the means

6. “Escape” is fine every once and awhile but truly know, what it is that you’re escaping from. If not, you’ll just trap yourself in a never ending cycle of chasing “illusions”

7. Closure is a myth unless it comes from within. Accept that sometimes things happen, just to happen. No reason at all, they just are what they are. Keep in mind that no matter what, you’ll never ever truly be “whole”

8. The only validation you will ever need in your entire life, is from you. Sure it’s nice to hear praise from others but don’t make it your only source of happiness

9. Everything and I mean everything in life, has a price attached to it. Be sure to know what the cost is and be sure to know deeply, if you’re willing to pay that price
John Mendoza
Written by
John Mendoza  24/M/Brooklyn, NY
(24/M/Brooklyn, NY)   
     BR Dragos and Fawn
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