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Sep 2019
a man living in a Samburu village
must have strength and grit
a young man will be circumcised
in front of other villagers
he must hold dignity through the pain
lock every muscle
completely still
if he so much as winces
he will bring disgrace upon his family.

when a man comes of a certain age
people make it their business
to find him a wife
if the man is traveling
in a nearby village
and happens upon a delightful young woman
he must bring this news
back to his parents
who will make the decision.

if the parents agree
he will supply the young woman
with gifts of:
one camel
four or five goats
and seven or eight cows
unless the woman is special
then she might receive
two camels.

once a man is settled
with his first wife
he may find more wives
sometimes up to eight wives
or more.

each wife may bear about five children
while the children are young
the man may not know
the names of the children
or which mother they came from.
Written by
Ava Weiland
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