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Aug 2019
To my mind, the most high that controls every part of me. I apologise, I apologise for feeding you with endless negativity, which left you in pain, for always putting you in the back sit when all you yearned for was to shine. I shut you out when you wanted was to prove that you can. I have made you susceptible to every thorn shot at you, and all I did was hide while you took the fall. To my conscious, my deepest apology.

To my body, to you that has been wonderfully made by the most high, to you whom is my fortress and my pillar, to you whom is the epitome of a Queen. One that is hailed by every eye it catches. To you who has the ability to poise down the streets of gravel road, yet I shame you and put you down. To my fortress that keeps me in one piece, the unique, the exquisite art that is you, designed by one enigma of an artist who is unknown to the eye but known by the soul. Even when I almost cut you to cause you pain for my own selfish reason. My deepest apology.

To you, the one that is the revealer of what is felt inside. My apologies for all the unwanted masks when all you yearned for was to smile. I know there are days when I look at you and feel less of a person compared to everyone else, days where I ask myself "what about this flaw? too big, too small, can't I just exchange?". My apologies to you for always looking in the mirror and not like what I see. Most of all, I thank you for always glowing and loving me even when I fail to see it.

You are very beautiful, believe it until it's impossible to. From me to you, my sincere apology.

This was an apology to myself for not loving myself all this time. An apology for feeling insecure and wanting to change myself.
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