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Aug 2019
You know men are just plain better
At most things that we do
You may say wait one minute
But inside you know it's true

A man can change a tire
We can even build a house
We know when it's time to talk
And when to shut our mouth

Now some women say I'm crazy
So I've been told a time or two
If only you would listen
When I tell you what to do

As a man myself I'll tell you
Exactly what you need
I know that you will understand
For your job is just to please

Now it could be that a womans job
Is harder then I think
You do have to clean all day
Then have dinner made for me

I've heard women say they cant believe
I've stayed single for this long
Then shake their heads and walk away
I think there's something I'm doing wrong

What could it be, what could it

Poem by: Carl Joseph Robert's (Joe)
No bashing it is a pure joke.
Carl Joseph Roberts
Written by
Carl Joseph Roberts  Florida
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