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Aug 2019
you think about everything
but me.
(about the earth
and the flowers within it
the beauty that everything around you
the sun slowly enclosing the sweet plants
with a honey shade
and how at night the moon is but a blur
yet you still admire its alluring shine
the people that surround you
every last one of them as pretty
as an undying bouquet
and they make you endlessly smile
and see you at your finest
those that cross your mind,
you really do think about everything.

how i envy you because)

i think of nothing
but you.
(how i'm like the earth
always revolving around you lovingly
as if you were the sun
how the land that we walk in
is only beautiful because within it you
helplessly staring at how your face looks
as golden rays paint your face
and even the sun itself admires you
no matter in moonlight or
sunny day
you always manage to outshine
i think everyone around you is pretty
but nobody could ever match you
you are my bouquet
but i am not of as much undying beauty
or enough
to make you smile
i'd die before i ever would cross your mind
maybe i think about everything too

cause it's you)
you're all it takes to be everything.
i'm sorry this is so bad but ahaha another free verse i guess
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