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Mar 2013
A long time ago in a world far away the malformed had no place to stay, so they made their own common society.

Jonah the hunched hero of our tale was born in such a place meek and frail.

Until one day Jonah found, a note on the cold muddy ground with an interesting message and a pleasing sound.

"Come to undone and enjoy the celebration. Today at the church enjoy our creation and drink with mirth in our beautiful creation."

To Jonah this note seemed rather pretty this place seemed be happy he must find this city.

So he said to his friends good bye and fair well, "wish me luck for I am going to Undone"

and so as he departed his journey started...

Soon after walking he found a hunter talking to a strange and mysterious beast. The beast was cowering in the form of a fox and as the hunters evil eye glinted the beast did cry "don't **** me I am not a good catch, you know this well for I am a Mismatch!"

The strangest beasts that one can find is a mismatch as it changes to all who are around. Whatever you desire it will become until the end of time, when all stories are done.

When the hunter spotted Jonah he did cry "you have found me taking the most sinful catch. I will have my revenge so watch your crippled back. Your time will be done and my revenge done!"

With this the hunter ran back to Undone with his plot foiled and but another to come.

Grateful was the Mismatch that it turned into a friend "I can’t thank you enough for what you have done, you saved me from that terrible hunters gun. To find undone and continue your tale you must head east to find that church and its fine feast."
“Thank you fair friend” Jonah did call. Waved goodbye and away did he fly.

So he continued on...

Just when Jonah was about to give up his search he saw in the distance what looked like a church. His heart beat faster he started to run, this must be Undone his journey was done.

When Jonah approached the mighty city, he found gates so very high to him it appeared that the barbed tops reached the sky. The guard outside had a cold heart he saw Jonah and shouted "hark! You crippled man, you can’t enter the city. Do not try. Unless that is you want to die. Our city is tall and fair and true, and will only remain so without you.”

Jonah felt his heart sink would he never get to be in the city and drink with people and make some friends to reach new and exciting ends.

As Jonah turned he saw a man tall, in a black and white suite, on a rock he sat playing on a golden flute. "If you can help me then I can you and let you in. I ask of you a moment to help me get that apple up from this tree, and you will be able to enter the city"

So Jonah did as he was asked he fetched the apple quick and fast. The tall man did as he had said. Hypnotizing the guard the tall man messed with his head."Come in quickly my friend you don't have much time until the end. You will always be a friend of mine, till the very end of time"

With this Jonah went into the city...

Jonah could not help but admire the important looking people moving towards the chapel's spire. However all of them looked down on him, they saw nothing but a horror form a ghostly tale.

In the chapel Jonah saw a skinny woman and her son who looked scared and wooden.

As Jonah approached the priest and looked eagerly at his feast... The priest looked up with eyes of disgust "What kind of evil creature are you!” he bellowed in surprise “be gone before you meet a holy demise”

So head bowed Jonah left he could no longer take part in his quest...

Later on by the street a very old man Jonah did meet. He was sitting on a broken box looking at twenty clocks. All were broken and out of sync, but something made Jonah stop and think. "If I fix these clocks he will be happy, then I go and not feel so low"

The clock man was different, this man was kind. When Jonah fixed his clock they became friends. The clockman thanked Jonah a lot "you fixed the clocks when I could not... please take my advice and go back south the people here don't want you, they call you a fiend. They do not want you around”

Not much longer around... Jonah did not like that sound. So Jonah went back to the gate in shock, but something horrible made him stop.

Jonah rushed up the stairs running wild... something bad had happened to the wooden child.

The small child he saw in the church before was lying still on the floor. Faster Jonah started to run... But to late the damage was done. The child was dead, the mother that killed him clearly sick in the head.

She then attacked him to, but the goal of the knife no one knew. For Jonah dodged but tripped her leg and on the knife she fell, tried to stop but to late she had sealed her own fate.

Jonah tended to the woman and checked the child, but the damage was done, a dead mum and innocence bleeding on the floor.

All at once the hunter appeared a smile on his face long and weird. “Your time has come, you day is done. For this ****** you will be hung"

So the hunter went to the police and a hunt began... he was not going to be released.

For his life Jonah ran, until he met he friend the tall man... "Follow me and you will be safe we will find a way out of this place"

All at once there was a flash; this man was using magic with blood and ash. When Jonah looked around at where he had gone, he knew not where he was. But the place looked weird and the man even more, how could he have hypnotized the guard before?

Was he an angel or a devil, Jonah could not tell...

"Jonah, Leave. Never return the rest of these sinful creatures will burn!"

With his clock friend in mind, Jonah begged the tall man to be kind... they were not evil just misunderstood he begged for forgiveness. Even though they never would.

The tall man then explained to him "I can only save you if they pay for them. For there must be balance no one can win”

So it came that Jonah chose his end. To save the life of his Undone friend.

It was this choice that saved Undone, from a horrible and deadly lesson.

Jonah felt a strange force pulling him, towards the ones that where following him.

So much hatred and sick delight, Jonah was stunned by fear and cried.

The priest ordered the rope around his head.
The leaver was pulled and Jonah was dead.

Jonahs friends never became aware as his body was dumped without a care.
Jake Leader
Written by
Jake Leader  london
   ---, Mike Fashé and Tyler Nicholas
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