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Mar 2013
it feels like
just yesterday
we locked eyes for the first time;
slipping words and stories
into one another
with kisses;
and reading into each other,
trying to uncover
our deepest secrets
in the smallest crevices of our minds.
it seems like just yesterday
when i didn't know what to say
a nervous laugh escaped me.
just yesterday i spent hours
memorizing a song
only to impress you
and just yesterday
we spent a full day four wheeling,
finding beauty in mud covered faces
in the northern woods.
just yesterday i learned
you love having your back scratched
and you hate having your picture taken.
yesterday i discovered
your great love for poetry
and your amazing talent in it.
just yesterday you wrote me a beautiful poem that
to this day, still drains my tear ducts.
you taught me confidence
and you taught me to love myself and
not give a **** what anyone says
about me,
or you,
or us.

how strangely wonderful it is to think
"just yesterday,"
was almost nine months ago!
tomorrow my boyfriend and I will have been dating for nine months :)
I just kinda decided **** it, I'm gonna post this!
Written by
Nicole Fox  Maine
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