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Mar 2013
The world gazes shocked
Dawn has refused to wake up
August 8th
The reluctant gored sun
A hesitant pendulum
Suspended on frail certainty
Dances to the banshee
Shrieks of startled morning breeze
The willow knots her braids
The nightingale has lost her voice

August 8th
Afternoon yawns sadly
At it's muted sullen sky
Masked in cadaverous puffs
Heavy with O cursed bereavement
The dove weeps loud at precious
Feather blown by wind
The brook gurgles tongue-tied  -
''Loss is all I know''

The moon forgot
To come with her soft effulgence
The stars with a lot less winks
Last night
One big Star grew numb from cold
And fell from its hanger
Down into the black chasm

Loss and tragedy is ours
The house is empty and quiet
The heath is cold, no fire
Darkness is everywhere
But once you promised
That you will be with me,
Dear mother...

douglas chesa
Written by
douglas chesa  harare
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