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Jul 3
Hace de dos seres un alma completa,
Ignora por completo la lógica estéril,
Brinda calor en el mas frio invierno,
Y reemplaza la desesperación con la esperanza.

Alimenta el espíritu mas que el manjar mas exquisito,
Sacia la sed mejor que un manantial en el desierto,
Forma una isla celestial en el infierno terrestre.

Discierne la belleza pura no con los ojos sino con el corazón,
Hace que uno aspire a ser mejor de lo que es,
Une a todos los seres conscientes en el universo,
Nacidos del polvo estelar de estrellas fallecidas.

Los que tienen la dicha de encontrar este don celestial,
Despiertan de la eterna pesadilla que es la vida sin llegar a conocer,
El verdadero propósito de la existencia.

True Love

It makes from two beings a complete soul,
It completely ignores sterile logic,
It provides warmth in the coldest winter,
And replaces despair with hope.

It Feeds the spirit more than the most exquisite delicacy,
It sates thirst better than a spring in the desert,
And forms a celestial island in a terrestrial hell.

It discerns true beauty not with the eyes but with the heart,
It makes us aspire to be better than we are,
It unites all sentient beings in the universe,
Born from the stardust of dead stars.

Those who are fortunate enough to find this precious heavenly gift,
Wake up from the eternal nightmare of a life without knowing,
The true purpose of our existence.
After writing this poem I wrote a new speculative fiction short story about the power of love and our absolute need to find it in whatever form we can. I wrote the short story in English and then translated and released it in Spanish with the Latin title "Amor Vincit Omnia" (Love Conquers All). I will eventually release the original still in draft form in English. Spanish speakers can preview the Spanish language version at No human being is truly complete until she/he finds true love. For some to whom it is denied, a beloved pet may fill the spiritual need temporarily. But what if it could be found in a spiritual connection in an apparently inanimate object? Can love truly transcend inter-species barriers, or is the need for love so critically important that a person bereft of it can manufacture it and find find solace in madness? Readers will have to make up their own minds.
Victor D López
Written by
Victor D López  59/M/New York
(59/M/New York)   
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