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Mar 2013
I would give a toast
but i'm out of wine
hanging onto
kissing hard wood lips
thinking to myself
thinking to the trees
thinking to the side-walk covered in snow and black cigarettes
midnight silent french film
projected by the
and the homeless woman
singing in the park
old white shoes
i would raise my glass
but I’m to drunk to honour the dead
and the river is cold
kiss an animal
kiss the
road for the unwanted
road for the seekers
raise your
dinted beer cans
to the overweight sky
my car with a missing tire
to the girl
in a purple over coat
that I’m in love with
but the thick smog of smoke
has me on the floor
the house is burning down
we're all on fire
checking the facet for water
suddenly the watch tower is
the sailor hasn’t paid the electric bill
it is morning
and the sun is crawling up the sleeve of the sky
let's go out side
before it's too cold
to make love in the dirt
put on boots
draw back your hair
you’re beautiful
i wrote in blue pastels
on the park bench in November
climbed a wall
stood on a stage
at night
we kissed
and the play ended
with no one around
except the
occasional breeze
and your eyes
that woke the night.
Written by
Savio  Kansas
   Quentin Briscoe and LDuler
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