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Mar 2013
I lie awake in empty space
Unable to escape your lingering face
I close my eyes and feel myself fly
Across the soulless miles to where you are

Your window lets the moonlight in
Like an ethereal glow it lines your skin
Sweet and welcoming like summer
When I've known no other than ice

I have never before heard of
A pull like you have, my love
I have no choice but to answer your call
My body is determined to touch and feel

Please stay asleep dearest
As long as you are nearest
To me, I can remember how to breathe
Remember what it means to feel safe

Entranced by contented dreaming lips
I brush back your hair with fingertips
Wondering where you find such solace
And if you ever miss me in ways you shouldn't

I feel this ache inside my soul
Longing for the life that this world stole
Your arms are my cradle, your breathing
Sweet lullabies of sunshine and butterflies

Only here can I find rest
Tucked inside your sleeping breast
I can almost forget my body lies
Trembling, so far away when my heart is here

The cruelty of stern reality
Calls me back, it's time to leave
But I cannot move from you
Can't I stay with Butterflies and Sun?

I know you're not real or close
But **** it, I do know those
Dreams belong to us
Will we ever see the day when this is not mere wish?

Back alone, the air is still
My breath fogs against the chill
I turn over, and you are not there
I only allow myself one tear

For all the times I said 'I love you', and you couldn't hear it.
Brittany S Knight
Written by
Brittany S Knight
   Regina Ambe and Jayne
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