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Regina Ambe Oct 2016
Qué hacerle a un recuerdo

si no se marchita,
qué hacerle a una flor

si no se olvida.
Regina Ambe Apr 2015
Solitude, old friend
She's not mean, just doesn't care.
She will want you just for her,
as the day reaches its end.

Solitude, my friend
backstabber, obsessed.
And while you're shattered and depressed.
She will just watch, you will fend.
Regina Ambe Apr 2014
Small but heavy
of joy or fear.
Slow and steady
when the feeling is real.

How does it work, really?
When you're feeling sad
our bodies translate sadness
into drops of salt.

Frustration, excitement,
when something hurts.
Confussion, love,
tears have it all.

Filled with the thoughts
we can't put into words.
The art of crying
not everyone knows.
Regina Ambe Mar 2014
My heart aches
Confusion, you mean
A reason for pain?
Sessions of
Love till the night ends
You don't believe that **** do you?
Regina Ambe Mar 2013
A class, full, yet empty.
New york streets reflecting.
A book, colored, yet blank.
A canvas just unwrapped.

Their mouths, they move, yet silence.
one only comes at night

Words, loud, yet meaningless.
a song without a soul, someone without past
A joke, you laugh, but weeping.
for a world you dont belong, you knew it all along.
Regina Ambe Mar 2013
And those hands I’ve always held,
I’ll have to let go.
It wont be easy and they’ll try to reach me.
But believe me,
it’s the best for both of us.
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