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Mar 2013
I h8 how my Hole of a life
Is always up in the air
I h8 how everything i long for
is so far away from me
Yet, right there.
I h8 everything about me
it seems cuz I keep being told
its all me, its all me
Funny ........ me.
I h8 how i do all i can
To have a love of a man
And i find is a **** in a can
I h8 how all i do
Is **** up everything i am
By dieing so much on the inside
all i do is cry on the outside
every second that well i just am.
I h8 hiw lonely i am
bcuz i dnt choose someone who
Will stand lovingly by my side
I h8 how even though
Each word i wrote
Speaks only of me and I
Someone else feels the exact same way
Written by
Goddess Tonya Medrano  michigan
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