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Jun 2019
Every now and then
harsh words are exchanged
  between you and a friend.
Words so harsh and unforgivable
the friendship seems impossible to mend.
Every now and then
we break promises to our kids
  with every intention of making it up to them
    but the truth is
      they won’t remember your intentions
        only the times you didn’t spend.
Every now and then
we push our partners buttons
   we get into arguments over nothing
    then go to bed and fall asleep
     too mad and stubborn to say “I Love You”.
Every now and then
we take Life for granted
   we don’t appreciate today
     because tomorrow is expected.
Every now and then
we forget Life has an end.
   Until we are unexpectedly reminded
     by the passing of a friend.
        Now wishing you could say “I’m Sorry”
          and help your friendship mend.
By the passing of a child
Now remembering all those broken promises
    and all the time you didn’t spend.
By the passing of a spouse
   Now wanting to tell them you love them
      laying beside them in bed
But now you’re crying yourself to asleep
alone on the couch instead.
You can’t go back and say you’re sorry
You can’t get back the time you didn’t spend
You can’t tell them you love them
And NOW it’s too should of did it THEN.
This came to me after suicide claimed two lives of loved ones around me, just this year. My daughters best friend who was only 17, and my sons best friends father who was only 40. Please check on the ones you love, a simple “how are you? Are you ok? Or anything I can do? “ will probably save someone’s life.
Written by
Renea  40/F/Georgia
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