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Apr 2019
Reeducate yourself
by using what you've learned
to question what you've learned.
Take the answers to those questions and
question them again and again,
until you find what you need.
Sooner or later you will realize
half of the things you've learned
are a waste and most of what
you really needed to learn
was outside the classroom-

Like events yet to unfold,
geographical locations and places
yet to be seen and explored,
experiences yet to be had,
books yet to be read,
researches yet to be made,
fences yet to be jumped,
trenches yet to be dug and crawled through,
seeds yet to be sown,
rivers yet to swim and bridges yet to be built.

Things like adventures yet to be taken,
cliffs yet to be hanged from,
oceans yet to be navigated,
mountains yet to be climbed,
shattered dreams yet to be chased,
harvests yet to be gathered,
tears yet to be shed, music yet to be listened to,
sleepless nights yet to be spent,
roads yet to be traveled,
milages yet to be covered,
mysteries yet to be figured out
puzzles yet to be solved,
risks yet to be taken,
lies yet to be told and hearts yet to be broken.
many disappointments yet to be experienced,
chains yet to be unshackled and races yet to be run,
pains yet to be felt, battles yet to be fought,
and loses yet to be endured.

Education is not an event...
Ivan Brooks Sr
Written by
Ivan Brooks Sr  50/M/Norway
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