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Apr 21
Vampires are a cranky lot
Refuse to die when they are shot
Will drink blood... when it's hot
You reflect...  they do not

They give you reasons to despise
They are evil in your eyes
They will only tell you lies
They enjoy when someone dies

Oh, so human, but not quite
To the world they are a blight
You are frightened by their might
They are darkness...  you are light

But they are people just like you
Tho, with different points of view
Still, they have their rights too
Their own agendas to pursue

So you best be circumspect
Give a Vampire due respect
And in your case he may elect
To praise your soul and intellect

Treat a Vampire with some class
And good will you shall amass
Or things may turn around, alas
To come and bite you in the a...  neck
Written by
Herb  65/M/Florence, KY
(65/M/Florence, KY)   
   Andrew Rueter
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