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Apr 16
(NaPoWriMo Challenge: April 16, 2019)

For all those years ago.
For answering freely with no agenda.
For being lucking that first interview in the conference room in the office by the marina.
For admitting all I didn't know.
For that being crucial, the not knowing and the knowing what you know and do not know.
For ******* free zones, like IEDs of *******.
For what I am thankful for, for what I am wary of.
For the voices on the line.
For this Mac(in-tosh), for all the Macintoshes and other machines..
For being in meetings with the smartest people in the room.
For seeing the gears.
For conversations about the realities of cyberness.
For coming and going on good terms.
For the pinon tree outside my window and the growing hollyhocks.
For high-performing teams.
For mile runners.
For exactly where I was.
For exactly where I am now.
For the halls and the lines in the system.
For the hubs and the names here and gone.
For talking about it, structuring it.
For getting lost in it.
For being in and of the whole world, in its big and smallness.
For being in this one place, this one small space, out past the mountain with the largest arsenal of nuclear warheads on earth, out on the mesa, towards the sisterhood of volcanoes.
For the old office by the marina where it all started.
For the years of ocean at my back through the window.
For standing at the window and being thankful then.
For sitting by the window now and being thankful again.
For this time right now.
For coming to what is yours.
For never wanting what is not.
Prompt: write a poem in the style of Christopher Smart:
Mary McCray
Written by
Mary McCray
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